Investing 101: New or Busy Investors

Do I need a financial advisor?

How are financial advisors paid?

What account(s) do I need?

How should I broadly allocate my investments? (asset category)

Investing 102: Experienced Investors

How do I further diversify my investments? (asset class)

Should I take an active or passive approach to investing?

When should I sell and when should I buy?

What is my financial advisor’s capacity?

What is my financial advisor’s primary means of growth?

Investing 103: Savvy Investors

Portfolio construction

Allocating across multiple account types


Calendar vs as-needed rebalancing

Managing qualified vs non-qualified dividends

Balancing trading fees and expense ratio with ideal portfolio


Investing 101: What Every Investor Needs To Know


Do I Need a Financial Advisor?



Financial Advisor


How are Financial Advisors Paid?

Commission-based structure for Access.

Flat fee structure for Advice.

Fee-based structure for Action.


What Account(s) Do I need?

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How should I broadly allocate my investments?

Employer 401k match, then Roth IRAs, then max employer 401k, then taxable account.


Investing 102: What We want Every Investor To Know


Investing 103: What We Would be Happy To Share