Managing Your Personal Economy

Transparent.   Disciplined.   Informed.

Serving clients who want transparency and results, Applied Capital brings a fresh perspective to financial advice and investment management.  We help our clients organize their finances by connecting them to everything they own, owe, earn, and spend.  Those four areas of your finances make up your Personal Economy.  Only after understanding the complete financial picture can we make comprehensive recommendations and help you manage your Personal Economy.

Organizing your money and creating a seamless financial plan is the first step, but then what?  Do you simply continue your life because you have reached the fiscal status quo?  So you know the WHAT.  Do you know the HOW and the WHY?  Most investors settle for the average instead of building a personal conviction by becoming informed.  Unfortunately average isn't good, and it's far from great.  When it comes to financial decisions, the crowd loses more than they win.  Let your Financial Advisor answer the questions everyone should be asking.  How should we build an investment portfolio?  What drives returns?  What do we get in return for taking (or not taking) measured risk?  Are we investing and taking risk like a gambler or casino?

Knowledge is having the right answer.  Intelligence is asking the right question.  Knowing where you stand is important, but knowing why you stand there is empowering.

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*General financial advice and conversation available to clients with investment accounts managed by Applied Capital.  Applied Capital does not provide tax or legal advice.  Please see an attorney or tax advisor for such services.

**Insurance services provided by each advisor in their individual capacity and supervised by the respective state insurance departments.

Managing Your Personal Economy

The process of managing your finances begins when you are connected to everything you own, owe, earn, and spend.  More formally known as assets, liabilities, income and expenses.  We call that comprehensive financial picture your Personal Economy.

Once we fully understand your Personal Economy, then we can begin addressing your most pressing needs, risks and goals.  That is how we create a living, breathing financial plan that evolves as your life changes.  Then you know where you stand.  From that point, our job is to help you get where you want to go.

Like many people, you might have a good investment strategy created by an knowledgeable financial advisor, adequate insurance coverage provided by an experienced insurance agent, a tax plan organized by a detail-oriented accountant, or an estate plan prepared by an accomplished attorney.  While you may be receiving quality advice, the results may still be ineffective due to the limited perspective of each professional.  When their individual efforts contribute to one seamless conversation around your Personal Economy, then you know that your financial house is being managed as productively as possible.