Practice Financial Hygiene

When is the last time you told yourself, “I need to go to the dentist”?  Probably never.  But what are you usually thinking when you leave the dentist?  “I feel much better” or “I wish I would have done this a long time ago” or even “I need to do this more often”.  Dental Inertia tells us that our teeth will be just fine with a twice-a-day brush and the occasional floss.  We don’t know what we were missing until we’re on the other side, and there are really only 2 ways that you’ll find out what you were missing.  1 – Go see the dentist.  2 – Your teeth will eventually start falling out.

Don’t let your financial teeth fall out.  Learn how to manage your money.  Practice these simple financial hygiene tips:

  1. Stay connected
  2. Develop a simple debt plan
  3. Save 8-15% of your income
  4. Set realistic investment expectations

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